Woman Faces 5 Counts of ...

Woman Faces 5 Counts of Identity Theft Charges

White collar crimes include a variety of offenses such as embezzlement, counterfeit, extortion and commonly identity theft among others. Identity theft includes categories such as the act of stealing another person's identity or selling it in order to make a profit. One lady in Peirce County, Washington is had already been accused of multiple identity theft charges and was just last week arrested for another act of identity theft. In this most recent accusation, reports claim that Brandi Michelle Blake, 35, stole another lady's purse and sought to steal her identify with it.

On Wednesday, she was accused of multiple counts of theft including a car off of a college campus, and for breaking into a golf cart to steal personal possessions from another woman among many others. The authorities are claiming that this woman has been accused of this sort of crime too many times and that she is a danger to her community. If accused of any sort of white collar crime such as identity theft, the consequences can be severe. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side is imperative, and at the Law Offices of Mitch & Furman, we are committed to giving you the criminal defense that you deserve when accused of any crime.

We believe that each individual has the right to be properly defended before the court, and to have an attorney who is skilled in the specific area is of highest concern. At our firm there is a staff of attorneys who have years of experience in different categories of criminal defense and we will make sure to give your case the proper attention and care that it is due. No matter the extent of your accusations, you deserve to fight for your rights as a person, and we want to help you do that well. Contact us today for a free consultation and more information!

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