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Northwest Chicago Resident Busted For Growing and Distributing Medical Marijuana


A man coming from the state of Colorado was arrested in the NorthWest side of Chicago suburbs. A shipment of dozens of pounds of marijuana was seized and the Colorado man was sentenced to six years in an Illinois State prison.

The gentlemen's name is Ryan Bailey. Mr. Bailey is 29 years old and was a former Chicago mortgage broker. He moved to Colorado and was arrested last year and charged with growing hundreds of plants (marijuana possession), an insane amount of marijuana. In 2010 he was also arrested when police officers invaded his Northwest Chicago home finding a bag of marijuana. Where it came from seems to be quite obvious!

Mr. Ryan Bailey seems to identify with a larger group of distributors that had connections with both Colorado and California. This has been quite popular being that it is prevalent for both CA and CO to be the main players in the growth of medical Marijuana. Quite honestly in the past it has seemed to certain individuals as a way to make a fortune. All in all, it's a gamble and it's against the law. Some individuals may succeed, but many, many fail as we see is what happened to Mr. Ryan Bailey.

According to records, Bailey was the ringleader of an operation that shipped 42 pounds of marijuana worth more than $300,000. Police officers entered the home, and Bailey was sitting near a large box holding a package of marijuana... the box had been sent from Colorado through UPS. His attorney said that "police couldn't directly link Bailey to the box or the home, basically Bailey was at the wrong place at the wrong time." Bailey was sentenced to 6 years. His wife was in Colorado operating a licensed marijuana dispensary in Denver, and she was arrested as well. There were more than 670 marijuana plants and officials slapped a felony charge of cultivating 30 or more marijana plants illegally and that charge is still pending against them in Colorado.

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