Large Heroin Bust on Chicago's West Side With 9 People Arrested

An extreme investigation is taking place as we speak. There were nine individuals arrested in a Chicago West Side heroin-dealing investigation. In an East Garfield Park neighborhood, Chicago police moved in to shut down a large system of heroin dealing in an open market involving nine suspected gang members.

There were so many complaints from area residents that the entire neighborhood was in an uproar of fear and terror. There has been an extreme amount of violence at the intersection of Hamlin and Ohio prompting a two month investigation of drug deals leading to the arrests. There was about $6,700 in cash and about $3k of street market value of heroin. It may not have been the dream bust that the Chicago police had been working towards, but hey, at least they got the nine individuals behind bars.

Working to Curb Gang-Related Activity

The big part of putting a stop to the violence and gang crimes is that the neighborhood must be proactive in keeping the peace and alerting authorities if there is activity. Police are working hard to break up the gang activity, drug activity, and the violence. Breaking up the narcotics operations takes both parties to continually return peace if at all ever possible.

Unless police maintain a presence at the specific locations violence is always a possibility to increase and an entire new team of drug dealers may just fill the shoes of the team just brought in. It's that vicious cycle that always exists. It's also very hard for neighborhoods with such an influx of crime that always have to be on alert. The police truly can't be at every place needed all the time... which is why it's so important for the community to take part and not forget that they are the most important part for prevention.

The police say that they are stepping up their presence threefold, but eventually have to wean their presence off to return it back to the hands of the neighborhood people.The arrests are a great step in the right direction cut before residents feel confident to stand up to the gangs, they need and want assurances that the police will continue to stay on the case after the hype. That's another important factor—it truly has to be team work. The people of the area will not be afraid, as long as they know that they have backup.

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