Terriying Discovery in West ...

Terriying Discovery in West Chicago Suburb of Mother Slaying Two Children and Two Dogs

A mother in the neighboring Chicago Western suburb of Naperville had her own child of 7-years-old and a neighbors child of the age of 5 that she was babysitting in her care on October 31, 2012. It was a woman by the name of Elzbieta Plackowska that endangered2 children on the night of Halloween. The children were having fun and antics, bouncing around and playing at home, when the Mother and "so-called Babysitter" slit the childrens throats. These poor innocent souls literally could not have done anything to trigger this murder and that is the saddest part.

It was her son that was 7 years of age that plead for his life and expressed his love for her when she then after slitting his throat, stabbed the poor little thing at least 100 times. Then the little girl of 5 years of age was next, who was stabbed at least up to 50 times. From there, the disturbed woman moved on and mutilated the two dogs, which the neighbors just hours before had seen outside frolicking and playing in the front yard just hours before the incident occurred.

The so called "babysitter" was on a visa here in the U.S. from Poland for almost over 12 years. She was married and didn't feel fulfilled by her husband. To her sick mind, she wanted to make her husband feel pain by hurting the main love that they had shared together... kiling her little boy. Once she had done the damage, she felt that she had to finish it off.

The question truly is to the entire community, "was this woman feeling any remorse or emotions regarding the situation?" The answer is "no." She claimed that the devil and evil was inside them and that they were possessed.

Police eventually found her down the street after she had been to a church, then visited her sisters, and then her best friend's homes... all while drenched in blood on her shirt. When investigators went to the house and broke the doors down because the Mother of the little girl she was babysitting had been missing, they found the horror. They found not only the bloody knives used for the murders and mutilation, but the bloody scene.

The only reason else that Plackowska felt that she had reasoning for the murders was she and her husband were facing disclosure on their home and they had filed for bankruptcy. She is awaiting trial and verdicts.

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