Case Results

Case Results

Criminal and DUI Cases

Have you been arrested for a crime in Chicago, IL? Here at the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, I can protect your rights against the tough prosecution and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. With over 15 years of experience, I have ruthlessly defended my clients against even the most austere crimes and I work tirelessly to obtain the most favorable outcome. Whether this is your first encounter with the law, a probation violation, or a combination of criminal charges, I am prepared to defend you.

With my experience, knowledge and legal expertise, I will be able to build a strong defense on your behalf. My Chicago firm has a track record of success and a history of notable case victories that speak for themselves. I have been able to obtain numerous positive results for past clients. Check out my recent verdicts and case results and see for yourself!

Case Results

Not Guilty

IL v T.M.

3rd DUI, client is a fireman was facing jail, termination of his employment and revocation of his driving license.

2 day Jury trial DUI: Result - Not Guilty

Summary Suspension Rescinded

IL v. A.C.

Client was facing a Summary Suspension where the client drives for a living and was looking to lose his job.

Result - Summary Suspension Rescinded

Not Guilty

IL v. M.B.

2nd DUI. Client was facing jail time and a revocation of his driver's license.

Bench trial: Result - Not Guilty

Not Guilty

IL v. E.P.

Lab results successfully excluded from being introduced into evidence at the DUI trial. Lab results showed presence of a controlled substance in the blood of the defendant. As a third time offender client was facing mandatory revocation of the driving privileges and jail time. Following a bench trial the verdict was not guilty.

Result - Not Guilty

Not Guilty

IL. v. B.S.

DUI arrest following a car accident which resulted in personal injury and property damage to the vehicles. Client found not guilty, following a bench trial.

Result - Not Guilty

Charges Dismissed

IL. V. R.B.

Felony drug possession charges dismissed. DUI charges reduced to reckless driving. End result, no loss of driving privileges.

Result - Charges Dismissed

Case Dismissed

IL v. R.F.

Aggravated - Felony DUI case dismissed at preliminary hearing.

Result - Case Dismissed

Not Guilty

IL. v. J.G.

Driver found not guilty following trial for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Result - Not Guilty

Not Guilty

IL. v. M.T.

Second time DUI offender found not guilty after a trial. Client is a truck driver who depends on his CDL license to make a living. End result, no loss of driving privileges.

Result - Not Guilty

No Loss of Driving Privileges

IL. v. D.R.

Third time DUI offender charges reduced to Reckless Driving. Resulting in no loss of driving privileges.

Result - No Loss of Driving Privileges

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