Average Estimate for a DUI ...

Average Estimate for a DUI Conviction Is $14,100

Most people do not think about how expensive it is to be convicted of a crime. Certain crimes, such as driving under the influence, are especially expensive because they have a host of administrative fees in addition to court costs and criminal fines.

In Illinois, the estimated cost of a first time DUI conviction is at least $14,100, and that is without factoring in legal fees, in-patient rehabilitation, medical expenses that aren't covered by insurance, property damage, and possible civil penalties if the victim files a personal injury claim.

The Average Cost of a DUI:

Court Costs: $3,350
Substance Abuse Class and Counseling: $250
High-Risk Insurance: $4,500 for three years
Driver's License Reinstatement: $580
Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device: $1,420 for one year
Lost Income: $4,000 based on an average income of $40,000 per year

Total Cost: $14,100

Do not sacrifice your hard earned money or your freedom because of a DUI charge. Contact a Chicago DUI Attorney at the Law Offices of Mitch Furman & Associates today!

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