More Than 60 Gang Members ...

More Than 60 Gang Members Arrested to Decrease Violent Crimes

Chicago police have arrested dozens of gang members in an attempt to curtail the large quantity of gun crimes that occur in the city.

Chicago is well-known for its strict gun control laws, but it is perhaps more well-known for its high rate of shootings and shooting-related deaths. As part of a new strategy, police warned West Side gangs that the next murder would prompt a full investigation into the gang to which the shooter belonged. The goal is to discourage violent crimes based on honor, respect, and women by punishing the group as a whole instead of just the individual.

On August 31st, 18 year old Anthony Carter was killed, allegedly by a member of the Black Souls. As they warned, Chicago police began investigating the gang, and have arrested more than 60 people in the past two months. Most of the gang members were arrested on drug charges. According to sources, the Black Souls has around 750 members and about six different factions.

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