Cook County Sheriff Cracks ...

Cook County Sheriff Cracks Down On Illegal Items

Have you ever gone to court and low and behold, just as you are about to enter the court house, realize that you forgot to leave prohibited items at home? Well, on the average Cook County Sheriff's Department has been finding things such as knifes, guns, crack pipes, drugs, booze bottles, and even swords people throw into one of the 37 flower beds surrounding the Daley Center. Sheriff's Department walk the perimeter of every court house twice daily.

It's astounding the type of items which are recovered. In a 20 minute search of the perimiter, more than 30 illegal items were found. Including, a small amount of crack cocaine, sewing needles, a screwdriver with a sharpened edge and an empty Grey Goose vodka bottle.

Cook County spoke person, Marude stated, "We found a sword once in the bushes. It was hidden inside a walking cane -- and it was not a novelty item." "We even had an individual last week who had drugs in his pocket as he tried to enter the Daley Center. He said, 'These aren't my pants.' You just shake your head and keep going."

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