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Walk & Turn Test

DWI/DUI THE WALK AND TURN TEST... What You Need to Know 1. This is a very popular FIELD SOBRIETY TEST. This test is one of 3 that are most commonly used by the National Highway Transportation Safety ...
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One Leg Stand Test

Police Commonly Use "The One Leg Stand" This is acutually more popular that one would think. This field sobriety test is probably the most difficult of all the exercises. By the way, ...
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What To Do if You Are Pulled Over for a DUI/DWI

EXCELLENT GUIDELINES FOR WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE PULLED OVER... - One should pull over to a safe place Remain Calm. Once a police officer puts on the lights, and decides to pull you over for a ( ...
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Klay Thompson Arrested for Marijuana Posession

On March 4, 2011, Mr. Thompson was arrested for Marijuana possession. It posed a major threat to the Washington State Cougars, a.k.a. W.S.U. Thompson was allegedly pulled over for a "routine ...
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Mel Gibson Faces No Jail Time

Is Mel Gibson still the "Brave Heart" we once knew? Mel with his criminal charges against ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva are agonizing for the poor star. But, should we feel sorry for him? Not so ...
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Lohan Pleads Not Guilty to Theft Crime

Lindsay, did she do it? How do these starlets get so easily out of the hot seat? Well, they have fabulous reputable protection. Which is what anyone would need, right? She'll be ok, and we'll ...
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Alcohol Public Intoxication, Not DUI

The singing song bird, Christina Aguilera, gets busted! You would think that the "Song Bird" would be an Angel, but she is like all the rest of the world! She may have done the Grammy ...
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Park Forest Teen Charged in Triple Murder

Denzel Pittman, 18, of Park Forest, just south of Chicago, has been held without bail and charged with the first degree murder of his girlfriend, her mother and her younger sister. Jade Hannah, 17, ...
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Bus Driver Resigns after YouTube Video of Reckless Driving Behavior

A bus driver in Champagne-Urbana resigned after transit agency officials saw a YouTube video of the driver running over a snowman on the University of Illinois campus. A spokesperson for the ...
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Defendant's Attorney States Self-Defense in Chicago Teen's Death

Silvonus Shannon, 20, is one of four defendants charged with felony murder for the September 2009 death of Derrion Albert, 16. Albert was kicked, stomped and beaten to death in an attack that was ...
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