Bus Driver Resigns after ...

Bus Driver Resigns after YouTube Video of Reckless Driving Behavior

A bus driver in Champagne-Urbana resigned after transit agency officials saw a YouTube video of the driver running over a snowman on the University of Illinois campus. A spokesperson for the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District stated that the driver resigned but declined to comment as to the identity of the driver and the specific circumstances of the resignation.

In the video, the snowman can be seen in the middle of the street. A car veers around the snowman, but a bus comes along a few moments later and plows right over the snowman.

Although running over a snowman may not seem a serious offense or one that would impact the bus driver's employment, this is just one example of how even something as minor as a traffic violation can have a negative impact on a driver's life. With more serious criminal offenses such as DUI, the impact will be much more serious, possibly resulting in jail time and fines.

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