Mel Gibson Faces No Jail Time

Mel Gibson Faces No Jail Time

Is Mel Gibson still the "Brave Heart" we once knew?

Mel with his criminal charges against ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva are agonizing for the poor star. But, should we feel sorry for him? Not so sure. I think he knows he's going to be charged for either a low-level misdemeanor, or to go through a grueling 1 year painful fight for his children, and also to maintain the integrity of his career.

This could lead into the most gruesome fight. Not like it would be the first time for one of the all stars we know from Hollywood!

There is no question that he has excellent representation, and domestic battery is a serious crime. Once again, he has recovered from situations like this before. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone can make a come back from mistakes made.

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