Rockford, Illinois, Suburb ...

Rockford, Illinois, Suburb Outside of Chicago Has Been Rated For The Highest Number of DUI Arrests

Rockford, Illinois unbelievably is well known for the past five years for having the highest number of DUI arrests in Illinois, or almost in the Mid West last year.

Now, this is the fifth consecutive year that the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists named the Rockford Police Department first in the state for DUI arrests among municipal departments with 686 DUI arrests in the year 2011. That's truly unreal. Especially for the fact this is going on to literally be the 5th consecutive year.

AAMI, also known as the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, conducts these annual surveys of Illinois police departments to determine how many driving under the influence of alcohol and drug crime arrests have been made. The annual survey also analyzes the amount of drug related Driving Under the Influence arrests have been made and gives recognition to the departments and individual officers for their efforts in the fight against the community of drunk drivers.

Also, there are different categories. Chicago, due to the size and amount of people that live in the city, is in a separate category.

Three Rockford police officers ranked in the top 20 for their DUI arrests

There are three that are the most famous:

  • Investigator Rosemary Matthews was in first place for 181 DUI arrests in 2011.
  • Investigator Paul Gallagher was fourth with 153 DUI arrests
  • Investigator Vernon Sims was fifth with 148 DUI arrests
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