Chicago Bears Linebacker J.T. ...

Chicago Bears Linebacker J.T. Thomas Faces Drug Charges!

J.T. Thomas, Chicago Bears Player Arrested for Marijuana Possession!!!

It all took place in Morgantown, West Virginia. The Chicago Bears linebacker J. T. Thomas was driving down a one-way street in this small West Virginia town. Chicago towns own Bear's Linebacker faces a misdemeanor charge after West Virginia police said that they had caught the football star not only driving down a one-way street, but they also found some drugs! Really, the only drug that they found was marijuana, but that was enough.

The Bears team and coach acknowledged the stars mishap. Head Coach Luvy Smith stated, "We are aware of the arrest of J.T. Thomas in Morgantown, W.V." Then stating, "we are currently gathering information to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the arrest." This is a little vague but, at the same time still supportive, right?

Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston was the one heading the case. Mr. J.T. Thomas was charged on the first Monday of February, 2012 after the officer noticed an extreme odor of Marijuana coming from Thomas' vehicle.

J.T. Thomas is only of the age of 23. He appeared in magistrate court for his initial arraignment and was released after fessing up to the charges. He spent his rookie season on the Bears' injured reserve. Due to his own recognizance and being on the team's reserve, he took a special road trip to raise awareness for an unfortunate child that suffers from epilepsy. He also did a very charitable thing for the cause of epilepsy and for the sweet child by taking the little boy to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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