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Illinois Statutory Weight Restrictions for Commercial Vehicles

See page 68 of this Report to Congress as reference.

  • Single Axle: 20,000 lbs.
  • Tandem Axle: 34,000 lbs.*
  • Tridem Axle: 42,500 lbs.**
  • Gross Weight: 80,000 lbs.
  • Other: 800 lbs. per inch of non-pneumatic tire when any axle exceeds 16,000 pounds.
* If the distance between two axles is 96 inches or less, the two axles are tandem axles (Ill Rev Stat. Ch. 15 § 15-111).
** Tridem is not defined in statute. This number, with spacing of between nine and 10 feet. came from the State weight table in a chart in Ill Rev Stat. Ch. 15 § 15-111(a).

Damages Caused by Overweight Vehicles

Illinois has strict traffic laws regarding overweight vehicles. In an effort to protect the roadways from severe wear and tear, vehicles that weigh over a certain amount are restricted from driving on certain roads that are not equipped to handle the load.

Overweight commercial vehicles can cause significant damage on roads that are not designed to handle the weight of the truck or other vehicle. On hot days, the asphalt can become soft enough that it displaces under the weight of a commercial truck, causing grooves and bumps in the road. Heavy commercial vehicles can also cause cracks in the pavement that quickly escalate to potholes when combined with additional traffic and inclement weather.

The damage caused by commercial overweight violations requires expensive repairs and—in extreme cases—can cause damage to other vehicles or persons on the road. As a result, there are heavy fines in place for drivers ticketed for commercial overweight violations.

Fines for Commercial Overweight Violations in Chicago

Truck drivers can also be fined for putting too much weight on one or more axles, or on the truck as a whole, since this can cause breakdowns and sometimes even accidents. These types of overweight violations place the driver and everyone else on the road in danger should the axle(s), brakes, or some other part fail under the strain.

Tickets and fines for these violations occur when a truck or other commercial vehicles weighs in at a weighing station or a portable police scale and exceeds the statutory limit. The amount of the fine depends on the number of pounds that the vehicle exceeded the limit. Fines for petty traffic offenses and misdemeanor traffic offenses can reach as high as $1,000 or even $2,500.

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