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Accused of Homicide in Illinois?

Have you been accused of committing murder, or are currently the target of a police investigation? Has a family member been arrested and charged with murder? If so, there are two actions which must take place immediately. First, do not discuss your case with anyone, including answering any questions from an investigator. No phone calls, conversations, texts or email. This advice includes your family, law enforcement, cellmates, or an attorney that has not been retained to defend you specifically. You must protect yourself with attorney/client privilege.

Second, you want to immediately retain a Chicago criminal defense attorney with a track record of successfully defending serious felony charges. My firm, the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, is ready to assist you immediately. Crafting a defense case for a charge of murder requires a great deal of legal skill, insight and ability, as the consequences of a conviction could be the death penalty.

Murder and Manslaughter Defense Lawyer

Defending murder or manslaughter charges will require that you have a focused and knowledgeable legal professional on your side who is prepared to work the long hours necessary to craft a defense case. The evidence collected against must be reviewed to determine if law enforcement has violated your rights in any part of the process, or if the chain of custody of the evidence may have been compromised.

The circumstances surrounding your arrest will be scrutinized to ensure that all of your rights were respected and that the police had the authority to arrest you based on the evidence they had at the time. Witnesses will need to be interviewed to determine the scope of the state's case against you. If expert defense witnesses are necessary to aid in your defense case, we can retain the most respected experts in their fields.

There are many facets to a successful defense case in a murder trial, and I have been successful in achieving notable results in difficult criminal cases in Chicago. I focus on getting the charges dismissed or achieving an acquittal. If that isn't possible, I have had great success in plea bargaining and know the judicial system and the best approach in these matters. Waste no time in retaining skilled legal advice.

Contact my firm for a free initial evaluation of your case. I will give you an honest, experienced opinion on what to expect going forward with your defense.

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