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Thank you Mr. Furman! I truly cannot thank you enough.

“What an amazing attorney!!!! Thank you soooo much Mr. Furman!!! Attorney Mitch Furman really exceeded my expectations as a Criminal Defense Attorney compared to all the other attorneys that I had interviewed and had thought of hiring. Not only was he available at all times for any questions that I had, but he really was superb at handling my case for a DUI when I was truly scared. I felt so alone, and his demeanor was not only extremely professional, but he was a real bull dog when it came to defending my case. I just feel so lucky to have had someone that was so skilled with my DUI case and really will be the attorney, no matter what the case may be, he will be my attorney for life! He had the ability to make me feel at ease, and assured me that I was in the best of hands, and he just rose above the rest. There are some attorney's out there that make you feel like you're just a number, whether it's about getting paid, or just the amount of clients that they need to fill their time. Attorney Mitch Furman puts everything else aside when it comes to each client and to me that is what matters the most. Handling the case in the courtroom, he's fierce, and when it comes to the personal side of the case with his clients, his sensitivity surpasses them all. Thank you Mr. Furman! I truly cannot thank you enough”

– Ashley

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