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How To Fight Failed Breath & Blood Test Results

Following an arrest for driving under the influence, a person will be taken into custody and tested at the station with either a blood or breath test. Both can be used to measure the degree of alcohol or drugs in the system. Exact procedures are required to be followed when these tests are conducted; however they frequently are not done standardly, opening the door to challenging them as evidence that can be used against you.

A knowledgeable Chicago DUI attorney is aware of the exact steps that must be legally taken when testing with either one of these tests and can dispute the results.

Two Ways to Challenge BAC Results

  • A breath test is taken with a Breathalyzer, an apparatus that measures the concentration of alcohol in the system. This apparatus must be properly maintained, certified and used only by someone trained and licensed to do so. Any violation of these points can lead to the evidence gathered from this test to be dismissed, possibly allowing your DUI charges to be dismissed as well.
  • A blood alcohol test should be administered only by a person qualified to do so, and the results determined by someone trained to evaluate the findings. Any deviation from the correct procedures opens the door to challenging this as evidence.

Other Factors Affecting Blood & Breath Tests

Other factors that can affect a blood or breath test can be the method in which the test was administered, as well as physical conditions the person may have that could affect the results. Even the type of food eaten immediately prior to a test could possibly affect the findings on a test.

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