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My client happens to be a prominent business man in Chicago who had a very unfortunate encounter with a hair salon after taking his children to get their hair cut. Once the cut was done and my client's card was run for the charges and he left a cash tip. Upon getting home, he received a call saying that his card had actually declined, despite having received a receipt. The conversation escalated and the client finally offered to pay with a card over the phone, to which the person at the salon stated that they could not accept cards over the phone and he was ultimately threatened to say that if he did not return to the salon with a credit card to complete the transaction, that police would be called and he would be arrested.

Having been put in a hostile situation, the client returned to the salon later in the day and parked his truck partly on the sidewalk, some 20 feet from the salon's front door. The client entered the salon and, after a heated exchange with the person who called him, the client threw money on the counter to cover the $26 charge. The police were called and the client was ultimately arrested and was charged with Disorderly Conduct and 2 counts of Assault (one stemming from waiving his finger at the clerk and shouting, while the other was from having thrown the money, to which the clerk claims they were hit by one of the bills).

The case went to trial and through our examination of the defendant, they were found Not Guilty on all counts.


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