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I was not found guilty for a DUI!

“Let me just begin by saying that before I decided to hire Mr. Furman, I had interviewed 6 other lawyers none of which were as knowledgeable or as willing to take the time to discuss my case the way Mitch Furman did. I was charged with a DUI after my car was involved in a car accident after I hit a pole. Police were called by a passerby and when they arrived, the officer was rude and was insisting that I was drunk. The officer also interviewed two of my passengers who told him that I had a couple of drinks. I took all of the tests that the officer asked me to, and my alcohol level was .134. This was my second DUI arrest and I was positive that my license was going to be suspended for a long time. When we went to court, Mr. Furman first argued that since this accident occurred on private property my license could not be suspended and statutory summary suspension did not apply. After a hearing, the Judge reinstated my driving license. A few months later we went to trial and Mr. Furman argued that since there were passengers in the car and the officer did not see who was driving, the police could not prove their case. Once again the judge decided in my favor. Thanks to Mr. Furman I have my license back and was not found guilty for a DUI.”

– Shari B.

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