Chicago Robbery Defense Attorney

Robbery Lawyer in Chicago

Have you been arrested for robbery? It is important to immediately contact an attorney who can help you address this legal matter. You may be at risk of facing felony charges and may face extremely severe penalties if you are convicted. Your first and only line of defense against imprisonment and other harsh consequences will be your lawyer.

Law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney will be using their seemingly limitless resources to investigate your case, gather evidence and put you behind bars. Make sure you have a competent trial attorney who can counter these efforts to the fullest extent of the law – all while protecting your Constitutional rights and keeping you informed every step of the way.

As a Chicago criminal lawyer with more than a decade of experience, I can offer you the level of legal counsel you need in the face of your robbery charges, arrest or investigation. I welcome you to contact my offices at your earliest convenience to discuss how I can help you.

Different Types of Robbery

There are three primary classifications of robbery in Illinois, a defendant may therefore face criminal charges under one of three topic:

  • Robbery – taking another's property by force or threats, from the victim's immediate possession.
  • Aggravated robbery is committing robbery by suggesting or simulating a weapon or firearm.
  • Armed robbery is committing robbery with an actual firearm or other dangerous weapon.

Challenging Robbery Charges

Depending on the type of robbery charges you face, you may be at risk of facing up to 7 to 60 years in prison. Make sure your rights and interests are fully protected in this matter by involving an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Even in the investigatory phase of a case, having legal counsel can help limit the evidence that is gathered against you and can even help you avoid formal robbery charges.

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