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Have you been accused of shoplifting? This is a type of theft crime that is most often charged as a misdemeanor. It may be charged as a felony in certain circumstances, however, depending on the value of property allegedly stolen and whether the defendant has prior convictions on his or her record.

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Taking the time to consult with a criminal defense attorney is a crucial step to take in the face of an arrest or retail theft criminal charges for shoplifting. A person accused of retail theft must act quickly if you are to ensure the full protection of your legal rights from the very beginning. This protection may make all the difference even when it seems there is irrefutable evidence against you or when the store personnel are going to testify against you. There may have been a procedural violation or an issue with evidence that an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer can bring to light, turning your case around and offering you the opportunity at a successful resolution.

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There are particular issues related to shoplifting charges that are important to understand. If security or store personnel suspect that you have stolen something, they are not bound by the same regulations as law enforcement personnel. This means that they may search you or your property and recover evidence that would be admissible in court even though they did not have a warrant to conduct the search. It also means any statements you make can be used against you even though the store employee did not read you your rights.

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