Driver's License Reinstatement in Chicago

Suspended or Revoked License? I can help.

There are several situations that could lead to the suspension or revocation of your legal right to drive. If your driver's license has been suspended or revoked, contact my firm, the Law Offices of Mitch Furman. Depending upon what your situation is, we can help you get back behind the wheel, and in control of your life.

In Chicago, having the ability to drive is a must. There are real problems for working people, students, parents and other people who no longer have the legal right to operate a vehicle. You need to get back behind the wheel, and I am ready to help you to take action.

This can happen through a variety of situations, including:

  • DUI charge
  • Too many traffic offenses and points
  • A failure to pay child support

A Suspended or Revoked License in Illinois: Getting a License in Other States

You may believe that you can get a license in another state if it is suspended or revoked in Illinois; in fact, this is not the case. Our state is part of the NDR, the National Driver Register. This means that the information about your suspension or revocation will be shared with most other states, and you will be unable to get a license. Essentially, you will have the same problem even if you move to another state.

It is crucial that you get this issue resolved, and there are several different options:

  • 1. There must be reinstatement application submitted to the Secretary of State
  • 2. Once this is in process, a hearing will be set

Do you know what questions you will be asked? You need to find out before you get involved, as if you answer a few questions incorrectly, you will lose your opportunity to reinstate your license. Call a criminal defense attorney to find out more.

DUI Driver's License Suspension – Are you eligible for reinstatement?

It is simple to get your driver's license suspended – all it takes is the accusation that you were DUI. You have not yet been convicted, and in fact, may not have been intoxicated or guilty of the criminal charge. Driver' license suspension is an automatic process that takes place through the DMV, the driver's license issuing authority. Once the arrest has taken place, you have only a few days to challenge the suspension.

Need an attorney for a driver's license reinstatement case in Chicago? I can represent you both in the criminal case for the DUI charges, as well as with the DMV – bringing evidence to a hearing to contest the suspension, or if it has already taken place, to take action to get your license reinstated. There are various options, and your case must be evaluated first. For example, there are five "risk" categories. Let me review your situation and I can quickly advise you about how to get the process in motion.

Moving Violations and Points

If you have an excessive number of moving violations, and have accrued too many points, your license will be suspended. You only need three moving violations within a three month period to be facing a period of license suspension.

The following can result in driver's license suspension:

  • Cases of reckless driving
  • Allegedly being at fault in fatal car accident
  • If you are accused of abandoning your vehicle on a public highway
  • If you are caught operating a vehicle without insurance

I have extensive experience in the processes necessary to reinstate your driver's license, get a restricted license, or handle DUI license suspension or revocation. I know what it takes to get the DMV to listen, how to present your case, the necessary documentation and all the details. Make it easy on yourself. Call me and get your situation analyzed. It is good to have a Chicago criminal defense lawyer on your side, as you can stay on track, avoid the complexities and find out accurate data about how long it will take, what is needed, and all other issues of concern.

Contact my firm for more information about reinstating your driver's license.

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