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Theft crimes are taken very seriously in Chicago and may result in serious consequences if the accused is convicted. When a theft crime involves a vehicle, it may be particularly serious because of the value of the stolen property as well as the circumstances of the crime. A standard vehicular theft might be considered a carjacking if the crime involved the threat of violence or physical force to steal the vehicle. Under such circumstances, the crime is likely to become violent and, therefore, will result in harsher consequences.

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Vehicular Hijacking

In Illinois, vehicular hijacking, or carjacking, is considered a class 1 felony and can result in serious repercussions if the accused is convicted. Carjacking is defined as taking a car from the driver or in the presence of another person by using force or threatening the use of force. Typically, this crime is accompanied by violence and physical harm, which can result in more severe punishment.

Penalties for carjacking may vary depending on the circumstances of the crime. If the crime involved the use of a deadly weapon, such as a gun, the mandatory sentence is a minimum of 6 years in prison but may result in up to 60 years under certain conditions. Usually, the more severe penalties are reserved for instances where the carjacking resulted in serious bodily harm or death.

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If you face criminal charges for a hijacking crime, your future is on the line. The state of Illinois punishes those convicted of carjacking very severely, and it could drastically impact your future if your charges end with an unfavorable conviction. At our firm, Attorney Mitch Furman can use his criminal law knowledge to aggressively defend your rights and freedoms to pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

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