Little Boy Killed in a DUI Car Crash, Was it the Police's Fault?

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Who's at fault for the death of the young boy in a DUI wreck? Was it the cop's fault?

It was just yesterday, the somber but not a sober day for Cecil Connor, the driver who was intoxicated and was unable to control the automobile before killing the young boy, a passenger of 5 years old.

January 23, 2012 the mother of the young boy said it was the police's fault. In the outskirts of Chicago the South Western suburb of the city of Steger when a mother whose son was killed in a drunk driving accident has accused a chicago Heights police officer to be involved in the case and death of 5 year old Michael La Fond "Junior". The mother also went on to state that the police officer should be in jail for causing the accident, or more or less for being responsible for it in the first place as well.

The 5 year old Michael La Fond was in the back seat, when mother Kathie La Fond was the driver, but was pulled over and arrested for having a suspended driver's license.

Cecil Connor was in the passenger seat along for the ride. When mother Kathie pulled over, the policeman immediately handcuffed her, and put her in the back of the squad car, while asking Connor to drive the car to their final destination. Mother LaFond is intent on the fact that she told the Chicago Heights officer that Cecil Connor was in fact drunk. Disregarding the Mother's warnings, the officer let Connor drive the car with the child in the back seat.

Cecil Connor has been sentenced to over nine years in jail for the death of Michael Langford, Junior, in a DUI car wreck.

The Chicago Heights officer claims that there were absolutely no signs that Cecil Connor was under the influence. If there were any signs of him being impaired, the officer claims that he would never have let him behind the wheel.

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