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Reviews From
Happy Clients

At my firm, the Law Offices of Mitch Furman, our goal is to vigorously protect your rights and keep your life on the right path. With more than a decade of experience behind me, I have a reputation for maintaining a strong presence in the court room with my extensive legal knowledge and skill as an attorney. With a history of trial experience I have garnered multiple victories and countless case dismissals. Check out some of the reviews from my past clients and know you are in capable hands when it comes to all of your legal concerns. Contact my firm today for the representation you deserve.

    “CASE DISMISSED I called around thirty to forty attorneys and did some extensive research and investigating. Mitch was by far the most responsive and brought up real good arguments in my case. Even better, CASE DISMISSED!!!! Did not even have to pull out the big guns Mitch likes to strap. Thanks so Much!!!!!”


  • Mitch stood out amongst all the attorneys I met with.

    “When I was charged with a DUI I felt very shaken up. Mitch stood out amongst all the attorneys I met with. He had the right balance of determination and experience. Consequently, my DUI charges were dropped. I would recommend Mitch to family.”

    M. H.

  • He will do whatever he can for his client.

    “I called around to find an Attorney that I could trust that would believe me. Mr. Furman listened, and trusted and believed in me. That's all that mattered. All the other attorneys were so insensitive, all about the money and truly acted like they didn't care me or my case. I am so thankful that someone took my case that I believed in. All I know is that I have the best representation I could have asked for. He will do whatever he can for his client. I am so Thankful.”


  • OUTSTANDING! Worth every penny!

    “OUTSTANDING! Worth every penny! Everything was well explained and I knew where I stood every moment of the "ORDEAL". The outcome was far better than anyone had dreamed... "Thank You Mitch for giving me back my life and family.”


  • Thank you Mr. Furman! I truly cannot thank you enough.

    “What an amazing attorney!!!! Thank you soooo much Mr. Furman!!! Attorney Mitch Furman really exceeded my expectations as a Criminal Defense Attorney compared to all the other attorneys that I had interviewed and had thought of hiring. Not only was he available at all times for any questions that I had, but he really was superb at handling my case for a DUI when I was truly scared. I felt so alone, and his demeanor was not only extremely professional, but he was a real bull dog when it came to defending my case. I just feel so lucky to have had someone that was so skilled with my DUI case and really will be the attorney, no matter what the case may be, he will be my attorney for life! He had the ability to make me feel at ease, and assured me that I was in the best of hands, and he just rose above the rest. There are some attorney's out there that make you feel like you're just a number, whether it's about getting paid, or just the amount of clients that they need to fill their time. Attorney Mitch Furman puts everything else aside when it comes to each client and to me that is what matters the most. Handling the case in the courtroom, he's fierce, and when it comes to the personal side of the case with his clients, his sensitivity surpasses them all. Thank you Mr. Furman! I truly cannot thank you enough”


  • I would call him again if I needed him.

    “Mr. Mitch Furman was referred to me by a friend that also required his services. We spoke on the phone about my speeding violation. When we met he was on time, relaxed and professional. My situation was pay the fine with supervision, or go to trial. He was willing to do either one for me. I chose to pay the fine and get on with my day. The judge actually said "Your lawyer did a nice job for you today." I would call him again if I needed h”


  • You cannot go wrong with Mitch Furman.

    “There when you need him MOST. Every time I have had a legal question or concern, Mitch has always been in my corner immediately or sooner. I have nothing but praise for his knowledge and respect in the Chicago land court system. You cannot go wrong with Mitch Furman.”


  • Great trial attorney!

    “Great trial attorney! I was so impressed with Attorney Mitch Furman's representation. He was on top of my case and fixed my situation as promptly and perfectly as I could have wished. I recommend his services to anyone that needs fine quality and service”


  • I was not found guilty for a DUI!

    “Let me just begin by saying that before I decided to hire Mr. Furman, I had interviewed 6 other lawyers none of which were as knowledgeable or as willing to take the time to discuss my case the way Mitch Furman did. I was charged with a DUI after my car was involved in a car accident after I hit a pole. Police were called by a passerby and when they arrived, the officer was rude and was insisting that I was drunk. The officer also interviewed two of my passengers who told him that I had a couple of drinks. I took all of the tests that the officer asked me to, and my alcohol level was .134. This was my second DUI arrest and I was positive that my license was going to be suspended for a long time. When we went to court, Mr. Furman first argued that since this accident occurred on private property my license could not be suspended and statutory summary suspension did not apply. After a hearing, the Judge reinstated my driving license. A few months later we went to trial and Mr. Furman argued that since there were passengers in the car and the officer did not see who was driving, the police could not prove their case. Once again the judge decided in my favor. Thanks to Mr. Furman I have my license back and was not found guilty for a DUI.”

    Shari B.

  • Now, we beat the case and my sister is in good hands with a new life.

    “I was accused of aggravated battery. I was upset and finally I looked for help and felt like I found no firm that actually handled the case properly. I was mad. Mad at the situation, mad at the world. I finally looked up online, and found the reviews of Law Offices of Mitch Furman. I didn't know what to expect, but I finally found a firm that cared. This was serious Aggravated Battery and Assault. That's all that mattered. They gave me the best advice that I had heard for free. Invited us to come in and give us the free consultation. Thank goodness I got my sister to go with me. Attorney Mitch Furman got through to her. Now, we beat the case and my sister is in good hands with a new life. I am so thankful and I can't believe that Mr. Furman was there and gave us what we deserve back.”


  • I will have no problem in knowing whom to call.

    “Mr. Furman resolved a debt that would have been lost without his help. He got in, and settled the debt before my client even had time to think of bankruptcy...At a far lower cost than I would have spent on anyone of many "ineffectual" debt collectors.... I will have no problem in knowing whom to call no matter the problem at hand.”

    Accurate Diecutting Inc.

  • My case was won, and I have my life back.

    “I had a few cocktails earlier, and the cops pulled me over. I did the tests, and they handcuffed me. They brought me into the station stating that I smelled like booze. I knew that I could've passed the tests, but screw that, I wasn't taking the chance. I walked out with a DWI. So, I was so selective on choosing the right attorney because I am a ball player, and I knew that this could ruin my career and chances for a promising future. I just wanted a team of Attorneys that were gonna get it. Seize it… Just like I do when I play ball. I finally found Attorney Mitch Furman & Assoc. I looked into their background and their history, I was sold. My case was won, and I have my life back.”


  • Seriously awesome!

    “I knew a friend that knew of Atty. Mitch Furman and he was seriously on the phone with me right after it happened. He assured me that we'd take care of it, and that's what he did. He was awesome. I recommend him to anyone, because I really think he shook up the court room. Case was dismissed. Seriously awesome.”


  • Thank you Mr. Furman.

    “I had several revocations on my license and Mitch cleaned my record and made me legal. Thank you Mr. Furman.”


  • He helped my son

    “My son was in trouble. I called Mitch, and all I asked was that he please help my son. He was very kind, warm and gracious to this mother, and assured me that he would help him. And he did. He got my son’s case dismissed. God bless him! I would definitely use his services again if I nee”

    Joy V.

  • I will always be Thankful.

    “Fantastic opportunity to work with such a great representative of the law. I spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect fit to represent myself and my case. I found immediate confidence within Attorney Mitch Furman. He was extremely knowledgeable and also was able to tackle my case in a superior manner and support and represent myself in a way that was so desperately needed for my case and future. I highly recommend him and his firm and know that any form of the law that he represents... One will always be Thankful. I cannot be more grateful. Thank you Mr. Furman!!!”


  • I don't think there's another firm in comparison to them.

    “I hit a light post after a night of drinking. My Dad was waiting for me to come home, and I was in a race. I was at a party, and in trouble for being late. I had a few beers, but Thank Goodness, I was safe after the crash. I just needed help, and my parents were frantic, and I was in trouble. I found a few firms to represent me, but they were all arrogant and really didn't understand what I was going through. I felt it was unfair. I didn't want my parents to pick the Attorney, it was my mistake, and I should be able to pick who I want to represent me. After a few calls on my own, I found the Law Offices of Mr. Furman, and my parents agreed to go in for a free consultation. Once we met, I knew he was the one I wanted. My parents agreed with me. We are thrilled with his services, and I don't think there's another firm in comparison to them.”


  • Thank you for getting me the second chance in life.

    “Dear Mr. Furman, The outcome you got for my case was nothing short of a miracle. I don't know how to thank you enough for standing by my side through the process and giving your best for my best. Thank you for getting me the second chance in life. With heartfelt gratitude.”

    Sheila W.

  • I will definitely hire him again.

    “I was charged with DUI and reckless driving among numerous of other charges. What seems to be an impossible case to beat, with the state providing very damaging evidence and witnesses, Mitch seemed to pick the state's case apart and used the witness' in my favor. He got all the DUI related charges against me dropped; I was very impressed and couldn't ask for more. Very professional and if I have other legal problems in the future I will definitely hire him again.”


  • Thank you so much Attorney Mitch Furman!!!

    “My future was in jeopardy. I was so horrified about the mistake I made. I found the best Lawyer ever. Attorney Mitch Furman came to my rescue. I was seriously afraid, and I got off!!! All charges. He came in like a bull, and really attacked the opposing team like exactly what I needed. I can't believe that I got off. Thank you so much Attorney Mitch Furman!!!”


  • Many thanks!!!

    “Mr. Furman assisted me with a speeding ticket recently. He was on time, professional, and knowledgeable. Many thanks!!!”


  • Excellent representation!

    “Excellent representation! When I was charged with a DUI I contacted Mitch the next day. He drove to where I was met with me. Being from another state Mitch was able to reschedule my court appearances so my current job was not affected. I also was able to maintain my license and no points where even assessed after the final ruling. Thanks Mitch.”

    M. V.